Richard Wiseman, a professor, tried to make on experiment about the lucky factors. Then he gathered some people who always lucky in his live. They were asked to guess the number of picture in a magazine. The result was that the lucky people could guess the picture just in a second and others in a minute because they can found words that told the number of picture. And, there were some people of them got some money because they found “congratulation you get $1000, please ask it to the professor” words. Then Richard Wiseman concluded factor of their lucky. It is written in his book titled The Luck Factor. These were the lucky factors:

1. positive Thinking

They can change their unpleasant feeling to be more relaxing. He always positive thinking on everything and condition that he got. When he got some problem in his mind, he always tries to be positive and make it easier. Everywhere he stays, his life will always happy.

2. Be Optimist

When he is doing something he always thinks it will be success. He is very confident. His minds always think about motivation and successful.

3. Following intuition

His decisions always follow his heart than his logic. Heart is the source of revelation, it will make everything will be good. Besides, logic is only a physical or cover matter. It is sometimes full of passion and cause another problem.

4. Responsive to opportunities

They always see the opportunities around them. When he has a purpose he will smartly focus on get the opportunities around him to get his goal. He walks on the same road with others but his mind is different. Places can be on inspirations for him.

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